By: Kayla LloydPlanning to enter the world of international PR? If so, being glocal is crucial. Yes, you read that right: glocal. It’s a real word!

According to Google, glocal is an adjective used to describe the consideration of both global and local circumstances.

So why is being glocal important for international PR?

With technology advancing every day and the rapid increase in globalization, brands now more than ever are trying to create an international brand, appeal to many different cultures, and spark conversations across the globe. So, if you are considering dabbling in global public relations, you have to be able to execute these goals.

You can’t just send your client’s product or service overseas and expect people to jump on it. For example, think about some popular shoe brands that are made in the United States; you have Nike, Reebok, New Balance and Brooks. Now, if your client is New Balance and they want to expand their market to, let’s say, El Salvador, but Nike has already established their brand there, you will need to find a unique angle to reach your target public in a way that Nike has not already.

Go glocal to appeal to both you local and global audiences:

Locally: Research, research, research. Figure out the needs and wants of your target audiences. Go to El Salvador. Talk to the people. Experience their culture and find a way that New Balance can help make their lives better.

Globally: Be consistent. Don’t move away from your client’s core values, but rather find a way to communicate their values in a way that relates to the people in that public. Show that community what New Balance is all about. Simply translating tweets, news releases or advertisements is NOT going to cut it.

Although this was a very brief explanation of the importance of going glocal when it comes to international public relations, the concept is pretty self-explanatory.

Expanding a client’s brand overseas is a difficult task. If you want to do it right, you have to immerse yourself in whatever culture you are communicating to and find appropriate ways to share your client’s values. Think about how you want people to perceive your client’s brand on a local level, while still expanding the brand’s recognition overseas.

Kayla Lloyd is a senior at Grand Valley State University. She plans to graduate in April with a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Public Relations and a Minor in Spanish. Kayla currently has two internships. She is the School of Communications Intern at Grand Valley and the Marketing Intern at Lanco Acquisition LLC in Sparta, MI. After graduating Kayla plans to stay in the Grand Rapids Area. She plans to utilize her Spanish speaking skills in her future career as she enjoys working with Spanish clients.