By: Kelly Darcy Spring break is a time for adventuring, traveling, or just relaxing. It could be when you take your first solo trip to a tropical island, visit family in a warm state, or finally get caught up on your favorite TV shows and sleep.

Whether you’re waiting for a flight or lounging around on the couch, there’s one thing everyone has in common during this time: browsing through their social media sites.

Here are some things to keep in mind, wherever you may be, during this time:


  • take a break from social media and checking your email. Remember: you’re on a BREAK.
  • post pictures on your Snapchat story of funny, interesting, or beautiful things that you’re experiencing- those not on vacation will live vicariously through you.
  • take photos of where you are/what you’re doing, but try to remember to enjoy the present and live in the moment.


  • share ALL of the articles you now have time to read on your wall. We don’t need to know about every Buzzfeed video or HuffPost article you lay your eyes on. Keep it relevant.
  • post incriminating photos; they follow you forever- and I don’t just mean on Facebook. Be mindful that we are all applying for, or are soon to apply to jobs and internships.
  • flood the feed! Please don’t be that person who posts a bunch of pictures in a row in Insta, or a Snapchat story over 100 seconds. Let me be frank; no one cares THAT much. Keep it simple and minimal.

Overall, have fun sharing your experiences over break on social media, but remember, employers won’t give you a “free pass” because it was senior year spring break.

In today’s social media-centered world, what happens in Vegas no longer stays in Vegas! As a young PR professional, maintaining a positive image of yourself is crucial to your future career prospects.

Kelly Darcy is a Junior studying Advertising and Public Relations, with a minor in Women, Gender and Sexualities Studies. She is the Chair of Membership for PRSSA and hosts a radio show on GVSU’s local radio station, WCKS The Whale. Kelly also is the Social Media Director for The Yardsticks annual advertising competition. She loves to travel, try new foods and explore coffee shops in big cities. Find her on LinkedIn or on social media @KayDarcc.