By: Lauren McCutcheonAhh Grand Rapids: A Top 10 Emerging City by Global Trade, One of America’s Top 10 Most Exciting Mid-Sized Cities by Movato, Top Cities for Finding Employment Right Now, #2 Best Foodies City for Your Wallet, #1 Place to Visit in the US in 2015 by Groupon, Beer City USA, and named in Forbes’ Opportunity Cities: Places to Make Your Mark.

With a diverse and committed workforce, the area is home to more than 90 international businesses and 4 of the largest private companies featured in Forbes. Grand Rapids has an unemployment rate of 3.9, along with a record high number of employment openings.

Aside from these amazing accomplishments that Grand Rapids has managed to attain, there are many other reasons that working in this city is the best.

But first, Coffee. 
What better way to start your day than stopping in a local coffee shop for a crafted cappuccino? Coffee shops downtown are the perfect atmosphere to get some work done. Personally, my go-to is Ferris Coffee & Nut on Winter Ave. There’s nothing better for me than starting my morning with some good coffee, good music, and a good atmosphere.

Soups & Sammies
A hungry stomach in the Grand Rapids area can be quickly cured. This city was meant for foodies (and beer snobs) ((and coffee lovers)). For lunch time cravings, there are an abundance of delis and sub places near the heart of downtown. If you ask me, I could go for some Two Beards Deli right about now, specifically The Chuck Norris (I’m sure the sandwich name already makes you want to go out and try Two Beard’s). Heading out to lunch with a few co-workers is that much better when you’re enjoying the best food around.

It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere, Right?
You’ve reached the end of a work week; it’s finally Friday at 5PM(ish)! If you don’t have the Beer O’clock app at this point, you are missing out! This app tells you which bars and restaurants are having happy hour or daily specials at any given time. Everyone has a favorite bar or restaurant to unwind at from a hectic week, and mine’s Founders Brewing Company. There’s no better feeling than unwinding at community tables with friends, new and old, after a long week.

Endless PR Opportunities
Most importantly, GR is home to many Advertising and PR firms. Whether you’re looking into agency, nonprofit or even corporate, GR has got you covered! In fact, many of our members have had the opportunity to intern at the following #GRPR agencies and corporations: 834 Design & Marketing, Lambert, Edwards, & Associates, SeyferthPR, Truscott Roseman, Amway and Spectrum Health. GR offers a plethora of opportunities for young PR professionals to get their feet wet and explore the industry.

For these reasons, and so, so many more, Grand Rapids is an amazing environment for finding employment, making your mark and enjoying artfully crafted coffee, food and brews.

Lauren is a senior studying Advertising and Public Relations, emphasizing in Public Relations, at Grand Valley State University. Lauren is currently an Account Executive at GrandPR. She plans to graduate in April 2016 and would love to travel and utilize her minor in Spanish. In Lauren’s spare time, you can find her polishing her Pinterest boards, enjoying anything peanut butter, watching Lifetime movies, or enjoying everything that West Michigan has to offer.