By: Alexander Goodreau
    Choosing PR as a profession provides many options when choosing the type of environment in which you’d like to work. You could take the agency route, which is generally fast-paced and involves working with numerous clients. If that seems a little hectic, you might apply for an in-house position that allows you focus all your efforts into a single organization. Whatever your preference, you should also look into the culture of your potential workplaces.

According to Forbes.com, a company’s culture isn’t determined by the employees but preexists in the organization’s genetic code. It’s the combination of the vision, beliefs, norms, language, and many other factors that characterize an organization. Some cultures will excite and motivate you to produce good work while others may do the opposite. If the culture of your workplace conflicts with your beliefs or practices, it may negatively impact your work or make your time in the office unpleasant. That is why actively assessing a company’s culture should be part of your job search. Being offered a position is an exciting experience, but don’t let the prospect of security force you into making a premature decision.

Understand an organization’s purpose, how they operate, and what your specific role will be.  If you visit the office for an interview, notice if their employees seem happy and if the environment seems positive. Read their mission statement and make sure you agree with their goals. Working with an organization can be extremely rewarding if you choose the right one. Be observant, critical, and diligent in your search, and you will be able to find a place that works for you.

Alex Goodreau is a senior double majoring in dance and public relations.  This is his first year in GrandPR where he serves as an Account Associate.  Alex enjoys reading, spending time with friends and family, and teaching dance.