By: Kelly Darcy

A perfect job or internship can seem hard to come by, but in reality is very attainable. As we grow up, our idea of what a perfect job is will change. I used to think that as long as my job made me a lot of money, it would be perfect. Then I thought that if my job allowed me to be to be my own boss, it would be perfect. Even now, my idea of a perfect job continues to change. Fortunately, sixteen-year-old me was lucky enough to fall into the perfect position-and you can too! Here’s some things to keep in mind:

  • Use Your Connections: Now, when I was looking for my first job, I didn’t have a resume and I didn’t have a plan. Hopefully- at this point in your college career you aren’t lacking these two essential items. My friend’s mom started her own wedding planning company; there were two employees and a partnership with a restaurant. 
  • No Position is Beneath You: I was hired as my boss’s assistant’s assistant. I did everything from making programs to tying ribbons on gift boxes. 
  • You Never Know When an Opportunity will Arise: I did this grunt work for about two months, until we were in a bind and our short staff got short staffed. I was thrown into a wedding I wasn’t working on to be the reception coordinator. 
  • Stay Calm-You Got This: I was terrified and nervous, but if I’d learned anything in those two months of watching and being on call at all hours of the day incase of emergency, it was that “no” was not an answer. I worked it, did my best, and then I became a full time coordinator, with my own assistant. 

When looking for that perfect job or internship, always start with finding a company whose message and policies you can get behind. My successful position was due to the fact that  I found a woman who had a contagious passion for what she does and her policies were ones that I could easily get behind. The work you’re doing when you start may not be ideal or what you see as perfect, but stick it out- it’s the people that you work with that inspire you. 

Your idea of a perfect job will change with the more jobs and internships you take on, so you will start to see that just making money, or just being your own boss, may not really be what you really want. Considering all the opportunities thrown at you is the start to finding your perfect position. Don’t stress! Follow your heart, put your passions first and everything else will fall into place. 

Kelly Darcy is currently a Junior at Grand Valley State University. She is an Advertising and Public Relations major with an emphasis in advertising. Kelly is the new Chair of Mixers for Grand Valley’s PRSSA Chapter and the Media Manager/Director of Engagement for The Yardsticks Competition. She has also been coordinating Indian Weddings for UTSAV Planners for the past five years. Kelly is an an active personal blogger, she even writes for Grand Valley State University’s Feminist Voice online blog

​“Never make decisions when you’re angry, never make promises when you’re happy” –Unknown