By: Megan Lasley 

My final year here at GVSU is being met with much nostalgia. As I was browsing the internet one day, I came across an article about what people regret wearing in their youth. This article resonated with me, as it reminded of my most infamous purchase: a brown American Eagle shirt with the word “spicy” written across the chest in pink sequins.

Cute, right? Looking back, I question my fashion sense, obviously, but an important lesson can be learned from my experience wearing that “spicy” shirt.

The lesson learned from that whimsical shirt is confidence. Let me put this into perspective. My college years have been a very vulnerable and transitional stage in my life. And I’m sure it’s not just me, but man others. There has been an overwhelming amount of stress from classes, constant wonder of what the future holds, and fierce competition in the job market.

There is also a lot of pressure to impress people and stand out, and I often wonder what people think of me. This is where confidence comes into play. You see, my sixth grade self never wondered what other people thought of that shirt. I wore it as a badge of honor, no matter how people reacted. This idea of confidence relates to my current situation now more than ever.

Confidence and believing in myself will not only help my self-esteem, academics or future plans, but it will also help me in the PR world. Having the confidence to nail that first interview, get up and network with professionals and to excel during an internship will help me immensely.

Also, not being afraid to express yourself creatively, whether that be through blogging, writing, photography, or social media will communicate with people (and maybe even future employers) your personal taste and style.  So if I could tell my younger self something, it would be to remain confident and ignore those who drag you down. Own that spicy shirt!