By: Unique DaCosta

There are quite a few things to look forward to when joining a new org; making friends, being active in your community or just having another great thing to add to your resume. The special thing about joining a pre-professional organization is that you are actually taking steps towards post college work life. 

I think that being allotted the opportunities to go on agency tours and meet actual professionals is super powerful for students that hope to be in their shoes someday. That is a part of why I love the agency tours because they give students a sneak peek at what it really means to be a professional in the PR world. 

Today I went on my first agency tour and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I learned about the profession. I appreciated the fact that there was a presentation and an open discussion with younger employees that got hired within the last five years. The tour was also great because we got to see how their offices were set up and what type of collaborative areas that they use for brainstorming and group work. 

I am particularly excited or the mixers and events that PRSSA is planning to have with other pre-professional organizations. These events will greater the amount of connections that each member has, raising their chances of being hired in the future. I think that these opportunities will promote professional development for anyone that chooses to attend and remain an active member. 

Another thing that I am looking forward to the different workshops and resumes building events. I think that having events like those will definitely help people to start becoming the professionals that they aspire to be. 

I also look forward to bonding with chapter members and bouncing ideas off of each other. A really great thing about being in an organization like this is that there are so many benefits that come from members themselves and not specific events or outings.

 Just simply being around people that have the same interests as you and are on similar or the same career paths as you is very comforting. Fun events like restaurant nights and socials are also really exciting to me because they are focused on the group growing together and helping each other do so. 

Another thing that is really nice is the fact that PRSSA students have quick connections to internship opportunities that a lot of other students do not. Personally, I love that we actually have internship postings on our website and access to an advisor that is a professional.

Above all, I am looking forward to growing closer with the executive board members, seeing as they have the knowledge and experience that I hope to have in the near future. I truly believe that joining this organization will help me learn so much more about the PR world than I would by solely taking Advertising and Public Relations classes. I look forward to the year ahead of us.