Happy #PRWednesday Lakers!

            I want to welcome you all back to campus as we begin another year of university in beautiful West Michigan. Sometimes I forget during the hustle & bustle during the summer how grateful I am to study in such a hoppin’ yet tranquil area like Grand Rapids.

            Hopefully you are all comfortably nestling into the schedules in which will be your lives for the next few months. Whether you are an Ad/PR/Com student or not, I wish you success during this fall semester.

             With that being said, I want to make it known that PRSSA has been working hard over the summer to accomplish one of our best years to date. We welcomed the summer by hosting an event downtown at the Seidman Center, where we invited PRSSA executive boards from around the State of Michigan for networking, teambuilding and a few notable speakers. We had a great turnout with representatives from almost all Michigan universities with PRSSA chapters.

            We ended the summer with an outdoor yoga fundraiser (thank you all for coming out and supporting us!). It was a little chilly, but we did have an impressive turnout. I guess we are trained as Lakers to bear the cold.

            Looking forward, I’m thrilled to announce that we have planned an incredible year for PRSSA. Aside from agency/corporate tours in Grand Rapids, Chicago and Detroit, we’ve started planning mixers with other GVSU organizations, Michigan PRSSA chapters, and chapters from surrounding states. 

            There has also been some collaboration of PRSSA chapters this summer. GVSU PRSSA and Ferris PRSSA have teamed up to put in a bid to host a PRSSA regional conference right here in Grand Rapids. There will be plenty of opportunity for members to get involved in this and we couldn’t be more excited for this partnership with FSU.

            Lastly, I wanted to touch base on the PRSSA National Conference, which will be hosted this year in Atlanta in November. The executive board is attending, but we want to bring more members along with us to the conference so GVSU has a prominent present amongst the assembly. If you’re interested please reach out to me at a meeting or via email.

            Again, I wish you the utmost success this semester. Don’t forget to join us next Tuesday, September 8, for Campus Life Night and then the following day on Wednesday (9/9) for our first PRSSA general assembly meeting of the year.

Tyler Lehner

President, GVSU PRSSA

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