By: Eleanor O’Hara

As the summer comes to a close and preparations for the fall semester begin, I look back on how much I learned and grew, both personally and professionally, from my summer internship in Chicago. I have learned a few things that will prepare me to be successful in my craziest year yet.

1. Have an open mind. You can’t go into a project, class, job or relationship with too high or too low of expectations. If you do, you will either be overwhelmed or disappointed. Either way, you need to prepare for both.

2. Learn from others. Whether it is good or bad, you learn something from the people around you, especially the ones you work with. I had the privilege working with and learning from an organization filled with talented people this summer. I know that I will be learning from my GrandPR staff and my fellow PRSSA E-board members. So open your eyes and your mind, you never know where the next lesson will be.

3. Stay positive. Everything will not always go exactly as you plan. This summer definitely had its ups and downs but the way to overcome it, is by staying positive. With GrandPR, I plan on creating a positive environment for my staff and facilitating positive relationships between our clients. The staff will get a great experience and the clients will get amazing work, even in the most stressful times.

GrandPR will be a year of personal and professional growth for everyone involved. I plan on bringing in amazing client work and building our firms portfolio and each staff member’s individual portfolio. GrandPR will give back to the community through volunteer work and will also give back to each other by becoming a part of a professional network, inside and outside of Grand Valley, but will also become a family. We are all at different points in our endeavors but by having an open mind, learning from each other and staying positive, there is nothing we won’t achieve.

I am looking forward to a great year for both GrandPR and PRSSA. As always, it is great to be a Laker!

Written by Eleanor O’HaraPR Intern at  ADA Camp-Chicago, CEO of GrandPR