By: Kristina Graefen

Being a millennial has perks, many of them. It is important to know how to utilize those perks and use them to your advantage. Utilizing the “millennial” title to your advantage can set you apart from the 10+ other millennial’s applying for the same position you are after.

1. Be Diverse– We (millennials) are the most diverse generation. Therefore, we are more accepting and tolerant of other races compared to older generations. By being diverse, we have a greater chance of being hired compared to older generations.

2. Be a Multitasking Pro– We are used to texting, talking to our roommate, and checking social media all at the same time. We are famous for being overly involved in clubs, organizations, and volunteer committees. By being able to multitask, we are already one step ahead.

3. Be Competitive– Our generation is massive. Consequently, we have become experts at standing out. Competitive is our middle name. By showing we are competitive, we are able to express to our future employer that we are willing to give 100% to our job.

4. Be Self Expressive– Social media and blogging give us a platform to express our personalities online. That is what sets us apart from our competitors. By being self-expressive, we can channel the best version of ourselves.

5. Be Able to Handle Obstacles– With a constantly changing economy, we have been trained to handle anything thrown our way. By being able to handle obstacles, our future employer knows that we can and will excel at any task given to us.

6. Entrepreneurship– Along with being self-expressive, our generation is known for starting new businesses. Whether it is an inspiration blog site, an etsy craft page, or a t-shirt design, we are extraordinarily talented- use that talent!

7. Be Tech Savvy – Although this is a given, it is the most important one on this list to utilize. The world of technology is constantly changing and our generation is great at keeping up with advancements.

8. Be an Expert at Communication– The negative comments that millennials receive are that we are bad at face-to-face communication. By being able to communicate well, we are one step ahead of our peers.

There you have it- use being a millennial to your advantage!   

Written by Kristina Graefen, Grand Haven Area Convention and Visitors Bureau Intern, PRSSA VP of Member Services