By: Alicia Saragosa
Reflecting back over the last few years of my college career, on this, the day of my 21st birthday, I wonder how I got where I am today. I think about all of the new friends I made, the old friends that faded into the past and the people I encountered along this journey that have paved the way for my future. 

I think about how I (accidently) ended up in the ad/PR program after I, matter of fact-ly explained that I would one day be a pharmaceutical rep, to my advisor during freshman orientation. I now cringe at the time my CLAS advisor asked, “do you like crises?”

To which I replied, “no,” when deciding which emphasis to place me in. 

I think about how I dreaded the idea of sitting behind a desk all day, creating ads. I think about my first PR class and way public relations encompassed all of things I was looking for in a career: structured creativity, writing, communicating, strategizing, organizing, and collaborating. 

I think about the clubs I joined, in which I currently hold leadership positions. I think about the places I’ve traveled and the experience I’ve gained. I think about the resources Grand Valley has offered me and how truly proud I am to be a part of such a great program.

Looking forward at the short two semesters I have ahead of me and I am confident that I am on the right track. I will begin the semester with my first internship under my belt and a plan for the future. If I have learned anything in PR, it’s that you can never be too prepared for anything. Being a part of a truly innovative field you should never become comfortable. 

Push forward, take risks and befriend those who aren’t afraid to do so. 

I think about how intimidating it was to be surrounded by so many young professionals who were constantly setting the bar. 

Reflecting back, I am thankful I chose to embrace them, instead of shying away. 

Looking forward, I hope to be a resource, mentor even, to any lower classmen searching for the right path.

–Written by Alicia Saragosa, MCCI Public Relations Intern, PRSSA VP of Public Relations