By: Jaclyn Ermoyan

Pushing papers, doing busy work and fetching lunches. Unlike some internship programs, these are not things that interns at Amway do.

Pushing papers, doing busy work and fetching lunches. Unlike some internship programs, these are not things that interns at Amway do.

I have just joined Amway as the Brand and Business Model Public Relations intern. This is my first ‘real’ internship, and I am thankful that the program is so well developed.

At Grand Valley, the advertising and public relations program requires that students complete an internship. I, however, think that internships are extremely important to the professional, as well as personal development and growth of students. Students should all try to complete an internship (at least one) when they have the opportunity. 

Here’s why- 


The things you learn in class are extremely important, but only when you are given the opportunity to apply it. Interns should be assigned work that a full-time employee would be doing if the intern wasn’t there. My time at Amway will be spent meeting objectives set for me that are obtainable and measurable. 

Find out what you like: 

Deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life is a challenge, to say the least. Internships can help students understand what it is like to work in a specific area of work before they have to make that decision. The work I foresee myself doing over the next 12 weeks at Amway is directly related to my career path, which is great because now I know what it is like to work in corporate PR. 

Learn about yourself:

Students are not used to working 9-5. They are used to working long days and doing homework during strange hours of the night. Having free evenings is revolutionary to a college student. Take this time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t had the time- volunteer, exercise or start that “20 books before 21” list you’ve been wanting to. What you do during this time helps define who you are. 

The most important thing to glean from this is that interns are no longer perceived as cheap labor for small jobs, but a way to develop the next generation of workers. 

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits Amway’s internship program offers. I challenge myself and any other student with a summer internship to truly engage in this experience by listening, connecting and learning. Take charge of your experience and you will have a foot in the door at the company you are interning at and ultimately a great semester of networking. 

–Written by Jaclyn Ermoyan, Amway Brand & Business Model Public Relations Intern, PRSSA VP of Professional Development