By: Kayla Foster

I would like to offer 5 reasons Grand Valley APR students should join PRSSA:

As graduation nears, I can’t help but feel nostalgic looking back at the last three semesters I’ve spend attending PRSSA meetings. I’ve learned a lot attending these meetings and am honestly sad my time attending them is coming to an end. However, I am excited for those who will keep attending the meetings and those who will discover PRSSA next semester.

This being said, I would like to offer 5 reasons Grand Valley APR students should join PRSSA:

1. Meet People Within Your Major
These meetings are a great way to meet people within the APR major. Sure, you know some classmates from different classes, but PRSSA offers another way to get connected, as well as make new friends. It’s always nice to have people to talk to that understand what you mean when you’re talking about the elements of your latest campaign.

2. Agency Tours
PRSSA offers countless ways to gain experience as a young PR pro, but something unique are the agency tours.  Every month, we are offered the opportunity to gather with other PRSSA members to tour PR agencies and network with those professionals. This past semester we even had the chance to tour a few agencies in Chicago – pretty cool if you ask me.

3. Volunteer Opportunities
Who doesn’t love helping out a good cause? PRSSA offers (and requires) its members volunteer opportunities throughout each semester. It’s great to give back to the Grand Rapids community and those in need. Often times those opportunities come from GrandPR, Grand Valley’s student-run firm’s clients, making volunteering all that more special.

4. Great Guest Speakers
Just about every meeting, PRSSA has a speaker lined up. More often than not, these speakers come to share their PR insights and answer our questions. We’re pretty lucky these professionals take the time to help educate us on all things PR –so if you want to inside scoop, PRSSA is the place to be.

5. Get Involved & Look Good
This title pretty much says it all – PRSSA is a great way to get involved with your major. You can get involved on the volunteer committee or on the blogging committee, like I did. No only that, but it looks good on a resume. Potential employers notice when you stay on campus until 9pm Wednesday nights to meet and discuss PR. And if you don’t get involved, you’ll miss out on everything I’ve already touched on.

-Kayla | @kayla_foster |