This week we had the opportunity to learn about resumes and interviews from Amway Intern Recruiter Molly Murray and Clark Communications, Jenny Griffin.  Molly and Jenny had some great information to share with us, some of which I knew, and some of which was insightful.

I know that recruiters only look at a resume for a brief time before deciding if they will pursue you further, but 8 seconds!  This is a document that many, including myself have spent hours perfecting, and it is given 8 seconds.  That means you need to be able to present your best self, on paper, in that timeframe.  My favorite advice from Jenny is to stalk LinkedIn.  I have done a bit of that, and plan to continue to do so.  In addition to LinkedIn, follow the company and key employees on Twitter and other social media platforms.  I think it is much easier to talk to someone once you know them, and if you get to ‘know’ the company and key players in the social world, it becomes easier to talk to and relate to them in the real world.

Key points from Molly:

·         Target your resume to the company you are applying to

·         Show results in number format – increased sales 20% from Q2 to Q3

·         If you’re short on work experience, add projects and the role you played

·         Include formal and informal leadership

·         ONE page

·         Make sure it is error free and formatted

·         No need to include references

·         Make sure contact information is visible

·         No templates

·         Not resume related, but do your homework   and watch your digital footprint.

Jenny reiterated the same points as Molly regarding resumes and went more into the interview process.

Key points from Jenny:

·         Ask questions BEFORE the interview

·         Speak to everyone in the room, even the person sitting in the back.  You may never know who has influence.

·         This is a time to make personal connections

·         LinkedIn stalking!  This helps you get to know the company , the employees and the culture

·         Everyone can Google the company;  dig in and really get to know them

·         Show your passions

·         Be gutsy and ask if they have any hesitations about your qualifications, but be ready to counter those objections

·         Network in their world

·         Have questions ready at the interview as well