You hear it all the time, but it’s not emphasized enough. Connections are everything. If it weren’t for the wonderful people who were placed in my life, I would not be where I am today.  

My name is Amy Johnson and I am a senior at Grand Valley State University. If you were to ask me how I have gotten to where I am, I would tell you it is because I am a strong believer in networking and leading a productive lifestyle to get you exactly where you should be. It is this mindset that has brought me many opportunities, including the opportunity to work as an intern at WOODTV (eightWest).

Working as an intern at eightWest at WOODTV has been a blast. My daily schedule consists of escorting home-town celebrities to the station’s studio where they speak about their professions and passions. Some days, I attend off-site shoots which require me to drive with a team consisting of a producer, camera photographers, and sometimes a talent (hosts from eightWest and/or Maranda Where You Live). My favorite part about this experience has been the people I met who inspire me to continue to living out my dreams as they have.

Recently, I was asked to be a model at the Grand Rapids Auto Show Gala. “I’ve never modeled before, but I’m up to the challenge!” I agreed to the Executive Producer who was inquiring. After learning that this “modeling” job meant wearing an evening gown and lipstick whilst sitting in brand new, top-of-the-line vehicles on live television, how could I say no? The event turned out to be everything I imagined and beyond. I wore Jordan Carson’s (host on eightWest) Jovani ball gown and was paired with a camera crew and talent who was Tommy, a talk show host on radio, Star 105.7.  

Flashback to the beginning of the school year and I was frantically trying to find an internship for graduation credit. Months later, due to a friend’s recommendation, I am working with one of the most fun employers who then happened to have connections with WOODTV. From there, I accepted another internship with WOODTV because, again, how could I say no and turn down an opportunity to make more valuable connections!

If there is anything I think is crucial to making your dreams a reality, it is making connections and setting goals for yourself. From there you must dedicate yourself to achieve these goals. Share this with your friends and family. Engage others in conversation about your opinions and passions. Set your heart on what you want to grow you. Then, the opportunities (like an internship at WOODTV) are simply a bonus.