This past Friday, Grand Valley’s GrandPR and PRSSA members had the opportunity to tour Truscott Rossman’s Grand Rapids office and meet the people who keep things running smoothly, Senior Account Executive Amy LeFebre and Vice President Tim Dye.

After hearing about each professional’s background, we were able to ask questions and get advice from these two PR pros. Here’s what they passed along:


You’ve probably heard it before, but they confirmed it: internships are essential. The pair stressed the importance of getting experience before graduation, especially during the last semester of your college career. You never know, that final internship might lead to a permanent position after graduation.


While volunteering is a great thing to do in general, it can also lead to a job you’re after. If you have a specific place you want to work in mind and there are no open positions, volunteer there so you get to know people within the organization. That way when you do apply, they’ll already know you.


We all know writing is a huge part of PR, so it’s no surprise they stressed the importance of it. Kate, Truscott Rossman’s intern, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in communications and said her English degree has really helped when it comes to public relations and her writing skills.


No surprise that this was brought up. Networking is important when going into any field, but especially PR. Specifically, we talked about networking with media so you positive relationships when you need to get a story out. It’s not about what you know – it’s about who you know.

Thanks again for having us!

Kayla Foster
PRSSA Member