Isn’t it frustrating when someone makes their job look easy?

And we’re not just talking any job. We’re talking about GVSU Ad/PR alumna Jocelyn Goldberg’s Strategist career at world-renowned advertising firm, Wieden + Kennedy. She spoke at GVSU’s Loosemore Auditorium this past Friday at an event put on by Grand Valley’s own Advertising Club and AAF West Michigan. 

The event, called Hashtags Don’t Break for Halftime, was essentially a look into Goldbergs almost-unbelievable job at W + K. Ever heard of real-time marketing? How about this: remember the Tweet by Oreo when the Super Bowl 2013 lost power? It was this.

As Goldberg pointed out, it wasn’t anything spectacular. Really. The copy is ordinary and the picture doesn’t really change any games. Even the Super Bowl. The revolutionary part of this individual Tweet was the time in which it was posted; just moments after the game lost power. Millions upon millions of retweets ensued.

Now while I believe the power may have gone out for one specific reason, one that rhymes with… Schmaschmonce – the fact of the matter is that big hitting brands like Oreo, like Red Bull, even coffee company’s need to be reactive on social media. Especially on widely-watched television nights like the Super Bowl, the Grammy’s, Oscars, etc.

Did you know that Coca Cola gets 33 mentions on social media each second? 

Did you also know that Coke’s target audience is Americans? Just an entire nation to reach please.

Welcome to Josie Goldbergs daily job at W + K – maintaining Coke’s reputation on social media. They’re just one of her ultra famous clients she works with. For Coke, though, she’s been participating in what’s called the War Room during the Super Bowl for three years now. The War Room is the room in which the W + K branding team is in during the game, reactively posting on Coke’s social media based on what is happening during the football game, or whatever televised event is taking place. Often times Coke representatives sit-in with the team to help make split-second judgement calls for the brand. 

So, keeping this in mind, one may think Goldberg would be a frazzled mess with grey hairs sprouting from her head; stress-ridden and annoyed. But, you guessed it – she was exactly the opposite. In fact she was better than the opposite. Josie was possibly the most calm and humble person I have ever encountered. When she could’ve bragged about her incredible job and portfolio – she gave advice. When she could have talked about all of the big-ticket clients W + K works with, she mentioned that she is a cat lover. Goldberg was refreshingly humble and was very clearly brilliant in her craft. 

Thus making it look easy. Which can be annoying, but wasn’t because of Goldbergs ease and authenticity.

After working with her for my CAP 400 class last semester while she was a social media consultant via Skype, I could ramble on about Goldbergs geniusness in all things social media marketing and branding for some time. But I won’t. Here are the main takeaways from her session on Friday:

-Whether you’re Tweeting on behalf Coke or your small agency here in West Michigan, keep all social media active and reactive. Effective branding today means updates around the clock. 
-The PR/Ad/Marketing profession is small. At least advertising is. Networking with a few advertising professionals could get you far. 
-The PR/Ad/Marketing profession is young people. 20-25 year old’s according to Goldberg. It’s us. Go apply now and fill your resume and portfolio with your best work. 
-Join PRSSA and GrandPR and Ad Club and AMA! Or just 1 or 2 of them because that is a lot. Goldberg did and look where she is now! Clearly, your involvement matters during your undergrad years. 
-Already involved? Build your portfolio with your experiences. Example: Did I know anything about building a website (such as this one) before becoming the VP of PR for PRSSA? Nope. I learned though. And, looky there, a new skill gets added to the skill section of my resume. Guess what I’m saying I can do in my next interview? That I can build and design websites, because I can. Make the most of your opportunities and apply it to future endeavors.
-Social media is a way for consumers to view your brand as a person. It’s an extension of the brand’s personality. Would a person take an hour and forty-five minutes to respond to a Tweet about a commercial? No. It would be instantaneous. Do this, or at least begin to think this way when operating social media. It’s the way the world is headed.

Thank you to everyone who helped put on this event and thank you Josie for making the trip and speaking to all of us. Don’t forget about ‘lil old GVSU (PRSSA) when you’re the VP of Strategy (or whatever your dream job is) someday! 

Joan Giffels

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