Welcome back to GVSU after what I hope was a restful, and maybe productive break. 

Being that this was my final academic holiday break, I feel qualified to offer readers some advice for moving forward in this semester. Please note: my break was spent lounging in my parents living room watching Netflix at all hours of the day and night. 

I tell you this because I have a feeling you may have done the same and you know what? That is okay. It’s perfectly acceptable that you also did very little to further yourself professionally over winter break.

However, the new semester means new opportunities and I’m sorry if that is cliche-sounding. But it is true. The point of being in your undergrad is to make post-grad life the best it can be. I truly think working hard during your undergrad sets you that much closer to your dream job after college. 

So! Advice. Here are my tips for making the most out of this coming semester. They’ve helped me and they’ll help you:

Update your resume. Always have a recent copy of your resume saved, both as a word doc. and PDF. You never know when you may need it. 
Update your LinkedIn. Add classes you’ve taken, projects you’ve completed, and update with relevant articles frequently. LinkedIn is a tool, not a completed project. Maintain it and use it.
Go to PRSSA meetings this semester. DO IT. Tomorrow night, 9 PM, Kirkhof room 2215. The first meeting is free and you will be happy you went.
Join the PRSSA Executive Board. Joining E-Board is a time commitment, but it’s also a blast and it’s been nothing but rewarding for me. Elections for the 2015-2016 E-Board are this March. And talk about impressing employers, too.
Go to the GVSU Career Services Center. They want to help! Also, a career fair may also be right around the corner. You won’t know until you look. 
Log into Laker Jobs. Browse around, save a few opportunities. See something you could see yourself doing? Apply! Some opportunities really can be that easy. Just take that first step.
Start blogging. Just start putting your ideas on a landing page on some corner of the internet that’s all yours. Make it grammatically and professionally up to par. See my blog for a reference. To me it is entirely necessary in the field in which we study to have our voices heard and our thoughts accessible through the ‘Google machine.’ 

I have many many more pieces of advice to give, but I will leave you with that. Staying focused in both classes and professional development, I’ve found, also helps beat the winter blues. See you tomorrow night.

Joan Giffels
VP of PR

PS: Want to blog for our chapter (like I just did)? See me after the meeting.