PRSSA members went to DDM Marketing and Communications on September 26, to learn more about a top marketing business in Grand Rapids. While members learned a lot about the company and their clients, they also learned a few skills they need to even be considered for an entry level position. Here’s a recap of the 3 most important skills an entry level candidate needs, from Team DDM:

1. Time Management

            It’s important to be able to see that individuals have time management skills; which can easily be done through resumes. If you can handle a full-time class schedule, an internship and a student organization or two-you’re ahead of the game. It shows employers that you are involved with the campus community, can balance responsibilities and still be successful. You’re job out of college will require to juggle multiple projects, client relationships and so much more. This shows that you can do it, and want to do it.

2. Writing & Communication skills

            You’re writing has to be down pat. You will be communicating with a number of professionals at any given time so you need to represent your company and yourself well. Brush up on your skills by reading, and taking on the bulk of the writing opportunities in class. Reading is an easy and proven way to improve writing skills and vocabulary. Follow this link to see all of the different articles that support the claim.

3. Experience

            Experience wins. Being a college student you cannot wear yourself thin, but you need experience to get a position out of college. It’s a double edged sword that many college students face. You can get experience by volunteering your skills to your family’s business or volunteer time for a non-profit. In CAP 423 you’ll learn about communication audits and plans; which can be an effective tool to give to a local non-profit. It’s a great way to get your foot in the door and to do real work. There are opportunities out there-you just have to go find them. Employers want employees who can hit the ground running on their first day.

In short-go get experience, learn to manage your time well and brush up on your communication skills. Show this on your resume to possible employers and you’ll be one step closer to your dream job.

-Kelsey Juergens

PRSSA Member