Pictured: Author Trenae Dunigan above. Below – the attendees of Jennifer Cunningham posing with Cunningham herself (center) and Dr. Tim Penning from the Grand Valley School of Communications. 

A special guest, Lt. Jennifer Cunningham, of the United States Navy came to GVSU, September 18, 2014 to speak role in Military Public Affairs.

Her stories about her experiences in the Navy were very inspirational. So many things that she talked about were things that I never knew. She talked about the different rankings and duties of those who work in PR field within the Navy. I was really impressed to learn that everything the Navy does requires some sort of public affairs. I believe more than anything, the comment she made about how open the Navy was about information, good or bad, really caught my attention. The idea that when someone says public affairs, they really mean public.

I love the field of public relations. Post-graduation this spring I want to, if possible, experience as many fields of PR as possible. I have never been interested in the Navy, but hearing her stories, learning the process and getting just a small glimpse into the life she lives and the work she does gave me another option.

PRoud to be an American!