I refer to this summer as my Wake Up Call.

This was the first summer I didn’t live at home with my parents in Lansing. I opted to stay in my Allendale apartment with my roommates and intern full-time at Amway. Working full-time was an eye-opener to say the least. I went into the summer thinking it would be a breeze. I’d work for 8 hours then have the rest of the day to do whatever. No homework, no studying, what was I going to do with all my free time? I even went as far as to take a Spring course for the first 6 weeks because I thought I would be bored.

Boy was I wrong.

What they don’t tell you is, after 8 hours of work (they make you come in at 8:00 am, can you believe it?) you don’t have a whole lot of “free time” energy. All of my hobbies and goals I had planned went right out the window every evening around 6 o’clock. I muddled through my Spring course and received an A-. Anyone who knows me knows this is anxiety-inducing event in my life, but I was surprisingly okay with it. That’s when I met senioritis.

After senioritis set in and my Spring course finished up, I kicked it into gear. I started getting into work at 6:30, asking for more responsibility and making connections all over the company. Before I knew it, I was excited to get into work and addicted to accomplishing my goals. I made an amazing group of friends and joined a flag-football team and even played in a softball game (another HUGE step for me). At the end of it all, I was offered a position in Amway’s IT department when I graduate.

This was the greatest summer of my life. I took a risk by accepting an internship in Information Technology instead of PR and it paid off significantly.  I surrounded myself with geniuses (I worked in IT, remember?) and befriended some of the hardest working 20-30 year olds I have ever met. I had the opportunity to travel to concerts and lake houses and explore GR in a way I never have. The professional development experiences have also been unmatched. I was able to present my internship review and projects to the CIO of Amway and the Vice President of IT Services. This forced me to get over my fear of public speaking and really own the work I had done over the past few months.

I could not be more ready to get this school year in full swing. We all know it’ going to fly by!