This was the year of travel for me. A couple days after the semester ended I set sail on a Royal Caribbean cruise with my boyfriend and his family. We departed for Fort Lauderdale and travelled to St. Maarten, St. Kitts, Puerto Rico, and Haiti. We had a blast; we even won a dodge ball tournament!

The month of June focused on preparing for my study abroad trip. To make that trip happen I relied on student loans, my parents, odd jobs, and hard work. Back in my hometown I began working at a restaurant as a hostess. I even dabbled in waitressing, it harder than I thought! I’d have seven tables at a time, along with answering phones and running food for coworkers. I also mowed my neighbors lawns, babysat, and hosted a fundraiser.  Through the fundraiser alone I raised over $400! The summer went by so quick; I couldn’t believe it was already time to leave for London!

This summer I participated in the faculty-led communications program in London, England. We arrived in London at 7:30am on June 30th. The weather was in the 50s and in that moment I remembered the one thing I forgot for this trip, a sweatshirt. Luckily, I brought a light cardigan and we had a bus tour scheduled as soon as we got off the plane. My professor said that staying busy our first day would help us fight jet lag and the five-hour difference between Michigan and London. This tour was very informative, our driver Mr. Jim, took us through all of London. We stop for a quick coffee break on the tour and without thinking I paid about $8 US dollars on a grande Starbucks coffee. When I read the sign I didn’t register in my head that I need to pretty much double the cost for what I was buying. So that sucked, but at least I learned to double check prices fast! The exchange rate currently is $1.78 = 1 British pound.

            Throughout the five weeks we spent at Imperial College we had the opportunity to see a lot of things.

Places I visited while abroad

Dublin, Ireland. 

Galway, Ireland

Glastonbury Tor, Stonehenge, Portsmouth, Brighton, tour with BBC, The British Museum, Natural History Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, The Tower of London, The London Wall, The Brands and Advertising Museum, Portobello Market, Hyde Park, The London Zoo, Platform 9 ¾, Westminster Abbey, Tate Modern, Cliffs of Dover and the Dover Castle, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and The London Eye.

This summer was full of adventure. It feels like just yesterday that I was boarding my plane to London. I’ve seen so many historical landmarks, breathtaking sights, and have had the chance to find myself. I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to travel and explore England and Ireland. I learned a lot about British culture and how to “fit in” just by getting out of my comfort zone and immersing myself into my surroundings. This trip would not have been the same without all of my friends and Dr. Leek. This will always be the summer that I will never forget.