This summer was pretty fuzzy for me.  This summer I was on the Humane Society of West Michigan’s Bark in the Dark committee.  This committee is helping to plan the 2nd 5k event, where all funds raised go to help fur children.  My responsibilities included attending committee meetings, contacting potential donors, as well as fundraising on my own. 

A few of you may be wondering why I decided to volunteer this summer rather than study abroad, or have an internship.  The answer to that question is quite simple.  I have already had two internships, and this opportunity allowed for me to further develop public relations skills, while also supporting a cause that is very near and dear to me. 

As you get further into your education and career in public relations, I believe it is important to figure out what is important to you, and then to give back in some way.  For me, that is through helping animals that cannot help themselves.  I may not be changing the world, but the world will change for these animals.