As we come to the close of another wonderful school year, the young public relations professionals who have made it so great should be recognized. The Grand Valley State University PRSSA Chapter has benefited greatly from the E-Board members who helped us all step outside of our box. Each member was able to take something valuable away from their experience with PRSSA this past year. Whether it was networking on agency tours, finding a love for fundraising, improving their writing skills through blogs or interacting with other young professionals at meetings; it all improved improved members both personally and professionally. 

              As we transition to a new Executive Board, we want to take the time to thank our past EBoard for all of your hard work, time and commitment to make this such a great organization. You all have had a hand at putting your piece into the bigger puzzle. Below are comments from PRSSA members; what they respected, remembered, enjoyed and benefited from. These words are just the start to how much we all appreciated your work this past year.


President: Audra Hartges

“I met Audra in CAP 321 in the fall. Who knew talking with one person would impact my college career so much? With her help and encouragement, I attended my first PRSSA meeting. This has led me to applying to intern abroad, getting my first internship, and becoming a staff member for GrandPR. Thank you, Audra, for being the first step in a great journey. You will be missed!” -Stephanie Kotchevar

“I have only been fortunate to interact with Audra on a couple of occasions, but each time she has been nothing but kind and helpful to me. Any question I have had about PR, she was willing and happy to answer. A truly bright and awesome girl!” -Erin Herner

“Audra, our ‘Mom,’ she has done such a great job at leading us, and have truly enveloped the idea of leading with kindness. I love to hear how others respect you for this as well, and we will miss you dearly!” 
-Daltyn Little


Vice President of Programming: Alica Arnold

“Her upbeat attitude was inspiring! Thank you for that.”

“At first, I was hesitant about the “ice breakers”, but by the end I loved them. They were a great way to get everyone out of their “bubble”. Alica’s high energy and fun personality made going to meetings worth it; you always knew it was going to be fun.”

“She’s so sweet and friendly!”


Vice President of Professional Development: Kelsey Manas

“I always admired and appreciated her professionalism while we were on agency tours. She was the face of PRSSA to these groups of impressive and welcoming professionals, and it was clear she set a precedent of respect and admiration for the students in our chapter.” -Daltyn Little

“I met Kelsey in CAP 305. She was someone I wanted to get know. She carried herself well and knew what she wanted to do. I immediately set course to go on the agency tours she planned. I have met so many wonderful people, including her, through these outings. Thank you for your hard work this semester.”
– Kelsey Juergens

“I’ve never met someone so organized! Kelsey also has great people skills!”


Vice President of Public Relations: Jessica Hines

“She’s friendly, engaging and a remarkable person to be around! Thank you for all of your hard work.”

“Being a freshman and new to PRSSA, I really appreciated Jessica Hines’ friendliness and knowledge. In particular I really appreciated her help and encouragement on my first blog entry for PRSSA’s blog. Jessica has such an approachable, kind personality, and there’s no doubt that she is a girl who is going places.” 
-Erin Herner

“Jessica has such great writing skills!”


CEO of GrandPR: Morgan Yingst

“Morgan I always stylin’! I would love to raid her closet!”

“I have enjoyed learning from Morgan through GrandPR, and have admired her skills to delegate tasks and manage all of our clients. I look forward to following in her footsteps next year, and taking GrandPR to the next level!” -Daltyn Little

“Morgan is such a fun and interesting person. I’m so glad I was able to get to know her better over the past year. Thank you so much for all you do!”


Vice President of Chapter Development: Leah Mitchell

“Where to begin? Leah has been a joy to work with. I had a great time fundraising with her! She’s creative, passionate and driven like none other.”

“Leah has the biggest, brightest smile ever! It’s contagious!”

“I started at Grand Valley not knowing anyone. In PRSSA I was lost, but felt at home with the E-Board members. I volunteered for the Warrior Dash fundraiser and Leah made me feel comfortable. It was hard making friends in such a different world than I’m used to. She made that easy; she was engaging and friendly. Thank you so much for all of the work you did this year. Because of you I stuck it out with PRSSA and I’m so glad I did.” –Kelsey Juergens


Vice President of Member Services: Jessica Yakima

“Jessica has done so much for our chapter this year. Not only was she in charge of keeping track of members, but also the budget, newsletter, and emails. She was one of the first people I met when I joined in September, and was always very welcoming to both the old and new members. Jessica has worked really hard to help us make the transition into next year, and we honestly wouldn’t be able to do it without her awesome mentoring. We will miss you Jessica!” -Jerika Gomez

“Jessica is so well organized! Our chapter couldn’t have done it without you!”

“I loved how personable she was. Jessica was always smiling when she greeted us at the door.”

“This was my third year at GVSU and I have to say, it has been by far the best. A huge reason my junior year has been a better experience than the previous two was involvement in PRSSA. The PRSSA E-Board for the 2013-2014 school year created a welcoming, entertaining, and educational atmosphere at every meeting and the agency tours were phenomenal. Kelsey Manas did a fantastic job of connecting our group with a variety of PR agencies and I learned as much from those experiences as I have in the classroom. Even though we are all very busy students with a lot of responsibility, it was still easy to look forward to spending an hour every other Wednesday at PRSSA meetings because Alicia Arnold was amazing at keeping them upbeat and productive. As part of the fundraising committee, I can say that Leah Mitchell was excellent while planning fundraising events. Warrior Dash was one of my favorite events I participated in this year. Congratulations to all of the members of PRSSA 2013-2014 Executive Board for a fantastic year!”
– Lisa DeBone

“PRSSA has taught me many life-long skills that will help me succeed during college and when I begin my career. Through PRSSA I have learned resume building techniques, how to work as a team, and time management. It has also allowed me to gain more confidence of daily aspects in the public relations field. I thoroughly enjoy coming to the bi-weekly meetings and look forward to being part of PRSSA next year. ”
– Katie Vanderlinde

“I just want to thank everyone on E-Board who helped make this year’s PRSSA meetings a great success!  I really enjoyed getting to know you all better through PRSSA and GrandPR, and am so thankful for all of the time and energy that went into planning the meetings, agency tours, and fundraisers.  So many of the meetings were standing room only because so many people wanted to attend; which just goes to show how beneficial the meetings were for everyone!  Great job, and good luck to everyone next year!” 
– Christi Burmeister

Thank you E-Board! You will be missed!

Kelsey Juergens
PRSSA Member