On Friday, February 21, Grand Valley PRSSA was invited to tour SeyferthPR in Grand Rapids. SeyferthPR utilizes a variety of communication outlets to deliver their clients’ messages to the necessary target audiences. SeyferthPR works with around 90 clients ranging from the Girl Scouts of America, to McDonald’s and Barfly.  If you were unable to attend the tour, here is a quick breakdown of the need to know tips and advice from the staff of SeyferthPR.  
1.  Great work starts with great research

Know both your client and your target audience.  You can’t appeal to an audience you don’t understand and you can’t talk about a product or client that you don’t know anything about.  Always do your research. 

2.  Localize your stories

Create conversation within your community.  When you’re thinking about sending out a press release, think how to get the media and community to talk about your story.  You have to be able to break through all of the clutter that reporters are receiving (100s of emails a day), and get your story noticed. 

3. Get as much writing experience as you can in college, so you are better prepared for the workforce

One thing the staff at SeyferthPR stressed was quality writing ability.  When they’re looking at applicants, they want to know whether or not they can write.  Get as much experience as you can in college.  Additionally, make sure you can write emails in a professional tone.

4.  Know your clients and the best way to package your ideas towards each one

Every client is different.  Some clients want to read a 60-page break down of the communication plan; others just want a 2-page summary.  This goes back to research.  You have to know how to deliver your message to each client. 


When it comes to any form of writing, don’t ramble.  Write as concisely as possible.  Readers and journalists don’t have a lot of time.  Be quick, efficient, and to the point in all of your PR related writing.  

-Olivia Mashak 
PRSSA Member