On Thursday, February 20, I attended the WMPRSA How to Get Hired event.  This panel speaker event featured Steve Groenink, Managing Director at Lambert Edwards & Associates, Jim D’Amico, Director of Talent Acquisition for Spectrum Health, and David Dart, Vice President of Global Human Resources at BISSELL Homecare, Inc. These three speakers offered advice for landing a job, and some of it may surprise you.    

Photo courtesy of WMPRSA.org

True or false?  It’s all about who you know, not what you know?   

  • According to these speakers, false.  Groenink, D’Amico, and Dart all agreed that knowing someone may get your foot in the door, and possibly an interview, but that your skill set is what will land you a job, and more importantly, help you keep that job.  

True or false? What I put on my social media sites doesn’t matter.  It won’t affect possible jobs, because potential employers won’t look. 

  • True.  Well, maybe…. These three professionals shared the belief social media is your business, and that what you do on your time is your business.  They said that they do not screen applicants’ Facebook and Twitter pages because they do not have the time.  However, they pointed out that there are companies that do, and that people should use caution.    

True or false?  It is important to keep my LinkedIn profile accurate and up to date.  

  • True, true, true!  The panelists stressed LinkedIn a lot.  LinkedIn allows you to share your skills, and explain things that may not fit on your resume.  Additionally, LinkedIn is crucial in networking, and having certain connections could land you a job.  More and more companies are hiring through LinkedIn.  It is important that you are keeping your profile up to date.  If you’re profile doesn’t match up with your resume, it is confusing to potential employers.     

Every employer, and company, is different.  You might stand out with one hiring manger because of a handwritten thank you note, but another might not even read it.  So, what is the most important aspect of how to get hired?  You need to be likeable.  If a hiring manager does not like you, you won’t get the job.  Be yourself.  If the boss doesn’t like the true you, you probably shouldn’t work at that company anyways.  

– Olivia Mashak 
PRSSA Member