Although it is not required to have a minor when pursuing an Advertising and Public Relations major, it can never hurt to have an added skill set to help set you apart from your peers when applying for jobs.  So, which minor should you pick? I have selected a few options that I think could be beneficial and help further develop your current skills and interests.  


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Journalism is a great minor to have with a public relations major.  PR practitioners are constantly writing so any added classes in this discipline are a huge benefit. Additionally, as a practitioner you will frequently be working directly with journalists and the media.  Knowing the journalistic side of the industry and the way in which they communicate will give you an edge over your competition when writing press releases or pitching stories. 

Hospitality and Tourism Management 
At Grand Valley, the HTM program gives student a wide range of experience working in hospitality careers such as event planning.  Event planning can be a great emphasis for public relations majors.  Event planners and public relations professionals often work closely to promote events. Having knowledge in both of these fields could make you the perfect candidate for a job, especially at a full service agency where the staff number may be smaller and therefore you must have a wider skill base. 

Marketing or business is another minor that would help to set you apart from your competition.  Marketing focuses on communicating the value of a product to customers. Public relations practitioners work in a similar way to communicate a message to targeted publics. At the same time, business classes will help you to understand the financial aspects of the industry which is valuable when creating a budget or an annual report. Having a background in either of these fields under your belt could in turn help make you a more marketable job prospect.  

What other minors have you found to be beneficial to your PR degree? 

– Olivia Mashak
PRSSA Member