On Wednesday, October 30, I went through a process that many advertising and public relations majors will have to go through, the internship interview. There are many things that run through my mind when preparing for any type of interview: What will I wear? Will I get lost finding the place? What time should I leave to arrive at an appropriate time? While all these things are important, none of it will matter if you can’t answer the questions the interviewer asks you in an honest and informed way. These are a few areas that I focus most on when going into an interview:

Do Your Research
When I’m about to go through an interview I think it’s important to do your research. One of the questions I was asked was what I knew about the organization. Since I had looked at the website I was able to say some facts that I found. Research is also a good way to show how interested you are in the organization.

Stay Humble
I know something I struggle with is attempting to be humble and sell myself at the same time while being unique. A question that I was asked is how I would describe myself in two words. Questions like this are difficult because you want to have out-of-the-box answers while remaining humble.

Be Honest
Being honest is really important when interviewing. If you start saying you can do anything and everything when in reality you can’t, when you are hired you will be clueless and look foolish. It’s good to be aware of what you excel at and what you need help improving. For instance, at the interview I was asked if I knew how to use Excel. I do but I made sure to say that even though I did I’m still looking to improve my skills in it. By saying something along those lines you are letting them know that you know the basics but may need to ask questions

Have Questions Ready to Ask
It is good to be ready to answer every question an interviewer throws at you. But it is also important to have questions ready for the person who is interviewing you. You may be interested in the job, but you have to make sure it’s also the right fit for you.  Some questions I tend to ask include: What are kind of hours will I have if I get this internship? Will I have a supervisor or someone to check over my work? What kind of duties will I be doing specifically? Some of these questions may be answered in the interview, so it’s good to have some back up questions.

Be Confident
In the end, an interview is simply a conversation. Both the interviewer and you are looking to gain something from this experience. Don’t think they aren’t as nervous as you either. The interviewing process can be a stressful one for both parties, because they want to find the best candidate for the job as much as you want to be that best fit. My last piece of advice would be to simply go into the interview prepared and confident, because if you do you will ace any interview that comes your way!

A side note, I did end up getting the internship I am basing this blog on. Hopefully my advice will help someone land their first or next internship. Good luck!

– Stephanie Kotschevar
PRSSA Member