Have you updated your LinkedIn status today? At last night’s meeting social media expert Michael Yoder shared with students the importance of using LinkedIn to their advantage.

Michael Yoder is a social media consultant for Spectrum Health Systems. He is also the leader of LinkedUp Grand Rapids, a LinkedIn group of over 12,000 business professionals in West Michigan. Michael shared a few basic tips that will help you take your LinkedIn profile to the next level:

Update your status:

  • “With a quarter of a billion business people on LinkedIn, if you update your status once in a while, I’m never going to see it”
  • Your status update is going to keep you top of mind with the people you’re connected with, and you want to stay top of mind
  • Update your status 3-5 times a week
  • Do it regularly and consistently

The 4 B’s of networking on LinkedIn:

  • Be interesting, Be relevant, Be helpful, Be yourself/unique
  • Ask why you’re sharing it
  • Social media is not so much about the technology, it’s about the social
  • Sprinkle in keywords to your profile – it makes you searchable
  • Customize your public profile link
  • Put down relevant course work

LinkedIn Etiquette:

  • Recommend people you’ve worked directly with – Much broader than endorsements
  • Endorse for specific things you know someone is good at – Quick and for a specific skill
  • Always, always, always customize the recommendation response
  • Don’t upload your resume

As a young professional, LinkedIn is one of the most important social media platforms you have at your disposal – use it and use it well! Follow these tips provided by Michael Yoder and you’ll be on your way to building connections that will impact your future. But most importantly – Never Stop Networking!

– Jessica Hines
Vice President of Public Relations